• Various served meals
  • Various glasses of beer with a person sitting behind
  • Veggie burger with chips

The Regal Beagle


About us

Welcome to the Regal Beagle. We are a quaint little joint nestled in Mission Hills boasting a fine selection of Craft Beer, as well as a complete menu of artisan sausages and other delectable items. Come in, enjoy yourself, be social, and savor the fruits of labor from some of the finest brewers around the world.

The concept for the Regal Beagle was quite simple. We strived to build a place that provided quality grub and grog, a clean and interesting facility with quirks and character, activities and games to keep the socializing rolling, and friendly prompt service with a smile. We feel as though our mission has been accomplished. Come and knock on our door, grab a brew, some food, share a story or two and enjoy yourself. We'll be waiting for you.


Matt and Tim